Is there a better way to buy PPE?

Buying PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can be daunting due to the huge array of products and potential solutions available. Having too much choice can actually be counterproductive, time intensive and work against the buyer and seller. Paralysis by analysis.

What PPE do you really need?

Designating what PPE is required is determined by risk assessments conducted by the client and their respective company. BHI can present the products which reflect the prescribed requirements in an easy to digest way – Good, Better, Best. Working with BHI should be more collaborative than simply passing on a list of PPE requirements. This may suit some buyers, but others can tap into something much more valuable and efficient as we will be able to trawl through all the products on your behalf presenting you with Good, Better, Best options in each category required. This will simplify the buying process and offer greater benefits and add value to your company in multiple ways.

As PPE often falls within legislative and legally prescribed elements it should never be compromised – at the centre there is always a specific reason the protective equipment and garments are required. PPE save lives, reduce injuries and ultimately help protect companies from costly legal action if the regulations are followed. The balance is securing the best PPE for the job role, ensuring great performance and safety at the best possible prices at the first attempt. BHI can assist with this objective, making things as simple as possible.

all ppe categories

In the UK there are 6 main areas of PPE – Head Protection, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Hand & Arm Protection, Respiratory Protection and Body Protection.

These areas can be divided further into multiple sub categories however rather than using this categorisation as a map it may be better served to use your own Risk Assessments as to what you require. BHI will be able to compile the best products for your requirements – call us or send a brief over via email or contact forms.

Buying the correct PPE at the start is critical

With a vast array of PPE (personal Protective Equipment) to choose from it may be beneficial to speak to someone who can help you navigate your specific requirements and avoid buying the wrong products from a price point and or a compliance/function point. PPE can be regulated or prescribed by law, so it is imperative you avoid buying non-compliant products or buying products which are expensive but are “overkill” for what you need. With as many categories, product lines, brands, requirements, and specifications as workwear and clothing where do you start?

You may have a list of products to source which could initially look like a minefield, this is a where a good provider can be a real asset. From a call the provider can create a brief of the PPE requirements for a client’s business they can then narrow the choices down to a more manageable level for each category. This should ensure the right products are presented, reducing risk factors down and promoting more informed buying decisions.


BHI can make this process much more effective

Once we have the specifics, we can present the appropriate products in a “Good, Better, Best” format which will save you time while offering the best options to ensure you buy the right products the first time around.

As PPE is a necessity for both your workforce and your company, we would advise clients look upon Personal Protective Equipment as an investment rather than a cost, keep in mind that buying the right products may offset risk and may reduce liabilities which could cost many times more than the initial product outlay.


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How We Categorise our PPE


Good products will typically be the basic level option which meets the necessary compliance and offers a good level of performance without having to compromise on the safety of your staff. They may not be the cheapest options unless directed by the client. They will be cost effective however there may be better options which over a given time period offer greater economies in terms of cost savings, performance, durability and safety.


Better PPE products could be considered great all rounders in terms of price and performance. These “better” products will have a more effective balance of all the necessary elements and still offer a great level of value to the both the client and the user. PPE is a necessity, it is there to mitigate risk for both wearer and business owners which is why we would advise against compromising based solely upon price.


Best PPE products will meet all the necessary requirements required and will offer additional benefits. There will be no compromise in terms of protection, performance, functionality and safety and while they may have a higher price point, they could offer a superior level of value over a given time line.


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A very professional service, the team from BHI supplies perfectly understanding what I wanted to create with the glass decals we had fitted.  The finished product is of a very high quality and the fitting service was excellent.

Sarah Hopkins, Allied Glass

We started using BHI when our core supplier missed a critical customer deadline. Since then they have gone above & beyond to create the perfect bespoke workwear as well as supplying dependable PPE & safety products. Easy to use website offering a substantial choice of products and excellent customer service 10/10

Maxine Holland, Assistant Finance Manager

I have work alongside BHI for a number of years now and still they delivery me the best service I could expect. They are always at the end of the phone or email to answer any of my queries be it small or big. They are professional in their approach and will always be honest to the advice or information they give you, I really enjoy working with all the BHI team and long may it continue

Wren Kitchens


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