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Is there a better way to hand out PPE and workwear to staff?

Imagine the scene: The PPE and workwear products have been ordered, produced and delivered to multiple locations – The next stage is handing these garments out to your workforce. Do you picture a free-for-all, a chaotic and stressful mess which will take hours and multiple members of staff to keep order and “track” the carnage? If so, then BHI have a much better way of doing things.

A simple solution to a common problem

One of the biggest headaches for any company and buyer is the distribution of the PPE and workwear to the right people in a simple, clean and quick manner. If there is a yearly order of PPE for companies with significant staff numbers, this can be a nightmarish proposition to face, especially for those people tasked with handing out the garments. This situation is compounded in multiple sites, different sectors/areas of the operation and with differing shift patterns and working schedules. The locations the more staff required to keep things in order which has costs attached. Typically, most firms will grin and bear it, opting to manage the chaos as best they can and hoping that there will be no left overs or people without the right sized garments they requested.

Is there a better way?

Yes, and BHI have provided a simple yet ingenious way of saving time, money and improving productivity for our clients when they are faced with the scenario described above: ManPacking

What is ManPacking?

When the order has been completed and is ready for delivery, we can add another step in which we carefully and precisely pack each staff members required garments, PPE and workwear into a clear pack with a list of contents and their name clearly displayed. These packs are then sealed and placed in the correct box designated for a specific area, location or site requested by our client. Each box will be clearly marked for easy delivery and internal management by our client. Along with each man pack being clearly designated, we add a list of all the names and the contents within each pack and box for the administrating person to check and manage as each ManPack is handed out. This list is checked and qualified by BHI staff before shipping – if there are missing garments from a ManPack, the list will display this. The client will be made aware of any ManPack products to be sent after the designated batch within usual communications with BHI.

The advantage of ManPacking

Whether your company has 5 or 500 staff if there are multiple garments being requested for each employee the process of handing out or worse allowing them to pick out their own is a time consuming, costly, painful and stressful period. ManPacking services are designed to completely remove all the hard work from handing out PPE and workwear orders.

Improves productivity
Reduces “Man Hours”
It mitigates mistakes
Speeds up the whole process for each client
Easily manageable by one person per site
Completely verifiable
Has full reporting as to who ordered what for cost centres and tracking
Time Savings for all concerned improving efficiency.
Promotes Forward Planning and Expenditure

Is there a cost for ManPacking?

Yes, however this is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Look at it this way, What value would you place on lost time for you and your staff?

ManPacking should be seen as a time saving investment rather than a cost and we are more than happy to prove to you just how much difference this service will make

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A very professional service, the team from BHI supplies perfectly understanding what I wanted to create with the glass decals we had fitted.  The finished product is of a very high quality and the fitting service was excellent.

Sarah Hopkins, Allied Glass

We started using BHI when our core supplier missed a critical customer deadline. Since then they have gone above & beyond to create the perfect bespoke workwear as well as supplying dependable PPE & safety products. Easy to use website offering a substantial choice of products and excellent customer service 10/10

Maxine Holland, Assistant Finance Manager

I have work alongside BHI for a number of years now and still they delivery me the best service I could expect. They are always at the end of the phone or email to answer any of my queries be it small or big. They are professional in their approach and will always be honest to the advice or information they give you, I really enjoy working with all the BHI team and long may it continue

Wren Kitchens


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