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How can you make sure you buy the right clothing first time around? 

No matter what garments you are looking for there will be the main challenge of sifting through dozens of similar products with only the price tag as “guide” to help evaluate your buying decisions. There will be lots of brands, product lines, categories, sub categories, materials and fabrics to consider. Where do you start?

If you are unfamiliar with a clothing brand or their garments would you buy online without more information? What if there is a better garment than the ones you have bought and used before? If there is too much choice to select from, how do you ensure you buy the right product for your requirements? That is the ultimate goal here – For you to buy the right garments at the best possible price right at the start.

How can we make this easier for you?

BHI can help – we know how hard it is to get it the right first time, we know how hard it is to choose when you have 150 similar products to select from and only price as a guide. This is where we can make the intangible more tangible – not only do we have the product knowledge, we are focused on seeking solutions which means we can dig a little deeper and possibly offer better products more suited to your specific requirements. As BT used to say it’s good to talk. Call us – BHI can make things easier.

From a brief, we can create easily digestible clothing options in a “Good, Better, Best” format. We can organise garment samples and sizing kits to aid in your selection and ensure that when you do place the final order you know the precise sizes your staff tried on and requested. More importantly we can identify what clothing you actually need to meet requirements backed up with real-world data to evidence this. Working with us provides greater value for you, improves productivity, saves time and money moreover, BHI will provide you with a more comprehensive level of service. We will communicate clearly throughout, so you can plan and act accordingly rather than operate in grey areas. Call or contact us to see how we can make buying clothing from us a great deal easier.


We Support Our Clients With

Accessories, bodywarmers/gilets, coats/jackets, footwear, safety footwear, hoodies, headwear, corporate wear, shirts, polos, T-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, overalls, shorts, suits/tailored, thermals/base layers, trousers/legwear

Regardless of the quantity, it is important you buy the right clothing the first time around.

It should be noted the “Good, Better, Best” proposals are created on a case by case basis as what would be considered “Good” for one company may be considered “Best” by another and vice versa.


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How We Categorise our Clothing


These products will tend to be entry level clothing which will perform to the minimal requirements for the job required. The “Good” options will perform well, offer good value, durability and performance for what is required of them. Price will be a factor with these clothes, but price does not guarantee value and value should be the primary focus with any purchase.


These products will be the “middle of the road” options and may offer the best value in terms of price and performance. These “Better” clothes will have the necessary durability, performance, fit (style) with a price point that should demonstrate good value for money. Other factors may make these clothing options the best “all-rounder” as it will meet the requirements without blowing the budget out of the water.


These products are the ones that will tick every box as to requirements the client needs, they will offer the best level of performance, aesthetics and durability however it depends on what the requirements are. The most expensive clothing products are not necessarily the “Best” products if the requirements are not represented in the price. The price point has to represent the highest level of value for what the clothes are required for rather than the most expensive product.



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A very professional service, the team from BHI supplies perfectly understanding what I wanted to create with the glass decals we had fitted.  The finished product is of a very high quality and the fitting service was excellent.

Sarah Hopkins, Allied Glass

We started using BHI when our core supplier missed a critical customer deadline. Since then they have gone above & beyond to create the perfect bespoke workwear as well as supplying dependable PPE & safety products. Easy to use website offering a substantial choice of products and excellent customer service 10/10

Maxine Holland, Assistant Finance Manager

I have work alongside BHI for a number of years now and still they delivery me the best service I could expect. They are always at the end of the phone or email to answer any of my queries be it small or big. They are professional in their approach and will always be honest to the advice or information they give you, I really enjoy working with all the BHI team and long may it continue

Wren Kitchens


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