What We Do

Solve problems, Offer Greater Value, Save Time and Save Money.

That’s a bold statement to make especially if we couldn’t back it up. BHI’s ethos is constructed to focus on providing long term solutions which will offer greater value to our clients, saving time which is of course money.

We do not concentrate on just making the next sale, we focus on building relationships with our clients. These relationships are based on trust that we will make their lives easier and “do what we say”. It’s not always about price it’s about the true cost of doing business and this is why we seldom lose clients. You can choose from countless suppliers who will chase down prices to compete for your business – But do low prices equate to great value?

Those prices may look great at first but over a financial year, they begin to demonstrate why they are so cheap when you factor in replacement orders, ancillary costs and disruptions. You also need to factor in the level of service you may receive from a supplier willing to cut their margins down.
They will have to make up the shortfall from other clients which may very well be a detriment to your business as their level of service will be compromised. This could be one reason why the turnover of suppliers is so high. What if there is a better way, a better choice? – What if you contracted a provider rather than a supplier?

Better does not necessarily equate to more expensive, it means there may be a better solution to a specific issue that your business faces which over a given period of time provides better value in terms of money spent and time saved.

This is the hidden cost most companies fail to factor in – what is your time worth?

BHI provide clarity, value, cost savings and most importantly peace of mind.

What price would you pay to know that when you deal with BHI, everything will be handled and communicated clearly?
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Recent Testimonials

I would recommend BHI supplies ltd to any business looking to benefit from top quality service. BHI go to great lengths to understand their customers’ demands and needs developing systems to enable them to deliver product when we need it.

Tom, Doorpac

I decided to give BHI a try as I prefer to use smaller, local suppliers where possible. Our account manager came out to see me and from that very first meeting I knew we could trust BHI to deliver. Their customer service is excellent and the goods they supply are of great quality and always competitively priced. I look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Claire, Caledonian Plastics
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