Putting your best foot forward: choosing safety footwear for your business

Thinking about clothing your team from the ground upwards, but unsure what kind of safety footwear is most relevant to your team? From forestry to chemical industries, railway networks to hospitality, safety footwear will almost always be part of the required personal protective equipment for your team. So where should you begin when it comes to choosing the most durable safety footwear for your team, and how can it benefit your business’s productivity in the long run?


Why does my team need safety footwear?

Let’s start with the most obvious and important reason you ought to consider bringing in safety footwear for your team; durable shoes or boots designed with your industry’s needs in mind will keep your team from harm. There are many other ways safety footwear can improve your working day, too. Equipping your team with the footwear they need to get the job done ensures your team know how much you support them. If you supply your workers with quality safety footwear, they’ll be far more likely to feel safe, secure and happy to get moving with the project you’re working on. This will help make sure your whole team is as productive as possible. Additionally, safety footwear helps maintain your team’s productivity from an individual perspective. As the technology behind protective workwear has evolved, safety footwear has developed to ensure the individual wearing it feels comfortable and supported. Features like lightweight material, ankle support and cushioned insoles are all innovations designed to protect your team, increasing their stamina and helping them to achieve results sooner, all while making their working life easier.


How do I know if my team requires safety footwear?

Whatever industry you’re part of, and the stomping ground you’re working in, there’s a very high chance your team will be on their feet a lot. This means that having the utmost certainty in your safety footwear is not only crucial for keeping your team’s feet protected, but will help them have a much more comfortable working day, as well as a more productive one, too.

Health and safety regulations state that when it comes to personal protective equipment, employers should provide any equipment that reduces the risk of the environment their team is working within. When it comes to safety footwear, that means protecting your team against danger from falling or rolling objects, hazards or chemicals on the floor, electrical currents or hazards, or even simply a slippy surface. Ultimately, choosing safety footwear that protects your team’s feet from the dangers they’re up against each day is down to an industry-specific choice of the safety footwear that will suit your team’s working environment.


What type of safety footwear is most suitable for my team?

First things first, having an understanding of the types of safety footwear your team need to get the job done will make sure your protective shoes and boots tick all the boxes they need to. The kind of safety footwear that works best for your team will depend on the environment you’re working in. From boots to shoes, rubber to leather, steel toe caps to metatarsal protection, there are multiple types of safety footwear on the market that can fit your industry-specific needs. Let’s say you’re a researcher working in a chemical lab – your boots need to protect your employees’ feet from chemical spills, and so should be made from rubber or polymers that are hard wearing enough to withstand potentially dangerous materials. Alternatively, if your team works on construction sites, you might want to consider safety footwear that’s more durable over a longer period of time, protecting them from the range of hazards they might come into contact with. Using your risk assessment as a starting point will ensure your team is covered from a health and safety perspective; from there, you’re free to incorporate the features and styles your team would most appreciate, meaning they’ll keep making the most of your investment, no matter how many projects they work on.

How can I make sure my team has the best possible safety footwear for my budget?

Finally, once you’ve got your team’s safety footwear in place, understanding how to maintain it will keep your team in good shape for the months and years to come. Safety footwear works best when it’s at its most durable, so making an investment with long lasting materials will help make sure you get the best value footwear for your budget. Choosing a material that’s been constructed with longevity in mind is the best way of ensuring you can rely on your safety footwear to help you get the job done; maintaining your shoes and boots with regular cleaning and care will see you through for even longer.

We know how important protecting your team with the perfect personal protective equipment is. Here at BHI, we’ll present you with the most durable safety footwear and workwear options for your budget, no matter what your industry-specific priorities are. Give us a call on 01709 527 603 to make your working day more productive.

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