TLDR w/ BHI Podcast – Guest Emma Simpson

Emma has worked for BHI for a while now, in this podcast, she discusses her opinions and experiences so far.

This podcast serves as a useful insight into the people who work for BHI and our clients.

In Emma’s own words, you can see how she views BHI and our values and how we apply them to solving our client’s frustrations.

What makes BHI different from other PPE & workwear suppliers?

Emma Simpson – “Listening to clients to maybe find an alternative that would be better because it works for them.”

BHI know it’s not about focusing on price alone, it’s about alleviating frustrations a client may face by providing the right solutions.

Does your current supplier do that?

If so great, but if not, maybe you should speak to Emma.

Recent Testimonials

I would recommend BHI supplies ltd to any business looking to benefit from top quality service. BHI go to great lengths to understand their customers’ demands and needs developing systems to enable them to deliver product when we need it.

Tom, Doorpac

I decided to give BHI a try as I prefer to use smaller, local suppliers where possible. Our account manager came out to see me and from that very first meeting I knew we could trust BHI to deliver. Their customer service is excellent and the goods they supply are of great quality and always competitively priced. I look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Claire, Caledonian Plastics
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