The Devil’s in the Detail: 3 ways custom embroidery can help you make a great impression

No matter what stage of growth your business is in, getting your name out there is key when it comes to securing your business growth – and custom embroidery is a great way of ensuring your logo or brand design will continue to be noticed as time goes on. From creating a professional front to encouraging your team’s ability to work together, custom embroidery has multiple benefits when it comes to refreshing your workwear, personal protective equipment and clothing. So how can embroidering your team’s workwear help you take your business to the next level of growth?


Why should you consider custom embroidery for your brand?

Custom embroidery has gone through many uses and roles over the years, but continues to be seen throughout history as a valuable and desirable art form. The origins of embroidery can be traced back as far as Ancient Egyptian times. Over centuries of artistry and skilled design, this craftsmanship slowly developed to become the commercialised designs we see displayed on all kinds of workwear and clothing today.  Combining high quality, vibrantly coloured threads with precise application and complex design, it’s easy to see why custom embroidery continues to make a great impression as a finishing touch to your uniform or workwear today.


Enhancing your Brand Perception

One of the most wide ranging benefits of custom embroidery is the brand recognition it can bring to your business. Think about the workers you interact with every day. Whether it’s the cafe you get your coffee from each morning, the railway staff getting you on the train or the retail team at the shops you visit at lunch, uniforms with custom embroidery are more likely to stick in the minds of the population thanks to the unique identity they bring to workwear.

Additionally, custom embroidery is a great way of setting a higher standard with your workwear, as well as your business’s wider brand image. Think about it this way; with any product you buy, are you more likely to go with the more expensive one you’ve seen before and recognise, or a product that’s slightly cheaper, but which you weren’t previously aware of? Choosing to take your workwear up a notch with custom embroidery works on the same principle. The more you recognise and trust a brand, the more likely you are to view the business behind it as of being of the highest quality. In this way, custom embroidery helps to add the details to your brand that really make a difference to your customers’ perceptions of you.


Creating a Professional Image  

As well as projecting a polished image to your customers and potential clients, custom embroidery is also a great way of helping your employees to feel more united, encouraging them to work as a team and increasing the sense that they are working together towards a common goal. It’s now widely recognised that handing out uniform to your team establishes a sense of rapport and a shared company mindset; going a step further with custom embroidery ensures these shared goals become more easily achievable over time. Custom embroidery is a way of tying differences together, and presenting a united front to your team and the wider world.


Growing your Business: Durable Materials

While custom embroidery has been around for hundreds of years, using the latest technology and machinery means that more durable materials than ever before can be embroidered with the perfect logo or design. Whatever industry you’re in, this is good news for your workwear. Rather than racing through your budget to brand items that might not always go the distance, using custom embroidery to display your logo on your workwear gives you the opportunity to showcase your identity on materials that stay looking as polished and professional as the day they were created. The range of materials custom embroidery can make a great addition to is growing, too. From polo shirts to fleeces, waterproof jackets to overalls, the flexible nature of custom embroidery means that when it comes to enhancing your brand perception through your workwear, the options are endless. Even more importantly, because custom embroidery threads are durable, they are sure to hold their vibrant colours for much longer than printed materials. This makes sure that even with the most durable of your workwear garments, your embroidered logo or design will continue to turn heads.


Want to know more about the benefits of custom embroidery for your business growth? Here at BHI, we’re constantly working to make sure that your business makes a great impression, no matter what industry or type of workwear you’re looking for. Visit our website to see how we can help enhance the perception of your brand.

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