Streamlining your Image: How can corporate clothing bolster your business growth?

How do you make sure your corporate clothing helps your team feel energised and ready to work each day? With benefits ranging from enhanced brand awareness to increased workforce productivity, corporate clothing can be a game changer when it comes to growing your business positively – and with the industry growing each year, it’s clear more and more organisations are cottoning on to the benefits corporate clothing can offer. So how can corporate clothing help improve your team’s relationships, as well as their image?


Catching the right eyes: growing your brand perception

Did you know 75% of consumers think uniforms or corporate clothing make employees look neater and more professional? Think about the brands you’d recognise most quickly, even if you don’t use them. When it comes to brand awareness, your logo and style being recognised is imperative to the overall impression your business makes on potential customers. Incorporating branded corporate clothing into your everyday working life means that whoever you and your team interact with while in your branded gear will gain some insight into your company, ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd.


As well as being a great way of enhancing your visibility, corporate clothing is a great way of making the individuals in your team recognisable to your clients and potential customers, too. From retail to hospitality, the NHS to banking, corporate clothing signposts who your customers should speak to, improving your customer service and making sure your team are always the first point of call. In this way, your team and their corporate clothing form a big part of your branding. Your brand identity isn’t just made up of your policies, it’s your people, too, and if your team look the part, they’ll be much more likely to give an excellent all-rounded impression of your brand. Ultimately, every little helps when it comes to growing your brand, and getting your corporate clothing sorted is a great step towards doing so.


Getting into the right mindset: can corporate clothing kickstart your working day?

As well as portraying an excellent image of your company to the outside world, your corporate clothing can also work wonders inside your business as a way of improving your team’s productivity. Think about the clothes you put on to go to work every morning – no matter what industry you’re in, clothing that fits with your company goals gets you ready to start your working day, helping you to literally step into the right frame of mind. That’s where your team’s corporate clothing helps your working day become more productive. Working on a visual level, corporate clothing has the power to make your team feel more equal when they’re working together. By unifying your team through your corporate clothing, you’ll naturally help bring every member to the same level, helping teamworking become a much more natural part of your working day.


Empowering your team: encouraging team spirit through inclusivity

Ultimately, your corporate clothing should be used to lift up your team first of all, and then your customers. It’s been estimated that 54% of employees think team morale is higher when they are smartly dressed, so providing your team with corporate clothing is a simple but effective way of keeping spirits high. Implementing a corporate clothing uniform that not only encourages team spirit, but suits your team’s personality, will ensure your team feel happy and respected at work. Your corporate clothing isn’t restricted to the traditional suits and shirts you might associate working life with; as clothing technologies and styles evolve, corporate clothing can be tailored to suit your industry-specific needs, branding and company ideals. It’s worth mentioning that corporate clothing should be practical, too – no matter how stylish you’d like your branding to look, making a good impression is difficult when your team don’t look comfortable in their corporate clothing. Getting your team involved with your corporate clothing ordering is a great way of avoiding this becoming a pitfall, as well as having the bonus of increasing your team’s overall job satisfaction.


Here at BHI, we know all the tips and tricks of the trade to ensure your workwear and corporate clothing make a great impression. Whether you’re interested in kitting out your team in a whole new wardrobe or taking your business advertising up a notch by branding your workwear, we’ll be on hand to help you make the best decision for your team. Give us a call on 01709 527603 to find out more about the benefits of corporate clothing for your business.

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