Coronavirus – UK Feb 2020 Protect & Prevent

The big news in the #UK this week is the developing #coronavirus outbreak.
With confirmed cases, some under scrutiny, people are actively looking for protective products.
Stocks of face masks have all but been depleted in the UK, with lead times ranging from 3 – 6 weeks.
BHI has been inundated, as have all manufacturers, with requests for thousands of the FFP2 & FFP3 masks, as a consequence.Protect against the coronavirus

But is this what people need right now to fight coronavirus?

It can’t hurt, but with limited stocks, they need to look at other preventative measures that may be more effective if managed correctly.

So what can people do at this time?

As demand outstrips supply for face masks, expect to see price gouging in the coming days/weeks,
If you want to pay over the odds that is your choice.
The question is, are face masks the be all and end all in the fight against infection of coronavirus?

The short answer is no.

Face masks will help to mitigate some of the risks but are not 100% effective.
Most of the suppliers selling face masks will not be offering face fitting as the correct procedure.
This is critical, as even having a little stubble can negate any protective performance of the face masks.

If I can’t get a face mask, what else can I do?

Masks are not the main issue facing the UK public, the main challenge is basic and advanced hygiene.
While the clamour for masks is rife, we are not seeing the same demand for anti-bacterial hand cleaner or surface cleaners.
Right now, these are arguably a more important preventative measure.Tyvek Disposable Coveralls - BHI

What can people do to help combat coronavirus infection?

While the coronavirus outbreak is being evaluated, the basic understanding that transfer by mucous membrane is still considered as the main method to acquire a virus.
The nose, mouth, and eyes are the most susceptible areas, which is why the best advice is to wash hands thoroughly after being in public spaces.
Don’t touch mucous membrane areas unless necessary, carry tissues, cover your mouth and nose, when coughing or sneezing.
To ensure transfer is minimised, companies should fully clean public surfaces with the correct chemicals and products.

What can businesses do, other than sourcing face masks?

During this heightened period, businesses in the UK need to act and source the right PPE, chemicals, and janitorial products to mount an effective preventative strategy.
Face masks have captured the headlines, but they are only one component in the battle against this coronavirus.

Right now, it may be advantageous looking at protective safety glasses, Tyvek (disposable) coveralls, medical grade hand sanitisers, antibacterial surface cleaners, antibacterial wipes, medical grade hand cleaners (soaps), hand towels, and paper products.
Electrical hand dryers can actually contribute to the proliferation of airborne pathogens.Janitorial Products by BHI

BHI provides all-round protection and prevention.

BHI can provide these products and more to help your company prevent localised outbreaks, or to prevent outbreaks from outside sources.
We are in continual contact with FFP2 & FFP3 face mask manufacturers about new stocks, but as you can imagine, everyone is vying for these.
Hence the potential for price gouging.
With the world looking to purchase face masks, we are in a very long queue.
We must look to other methods to help our clients operate during this testing period.

BHI can work with your Health & Safety officer to provide the products required to help reduce the risks.
It sounds obvious but making sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly, will be a great help.
If you have been exposed, stay indoors and seek advice via phone, rather than potentially infect others at the doctors or A&E.

Call BHI today, to discuss other preventative methods to help you mitigate and manage the situation – 01709 527 603

Make this moment count.

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