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Buying PPE during the lockdown

Good Morning,

Throughout these challenging times, we have slowly and methodically scaled back our operations in accordance with government guidelines.

In order to maintain the WELL BEING of our staff and their families, we have taken the decision to only process orders for personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes:
All hi vis garments, typical workwear, janitorial products , hardwear , flame and arc products , tools and workshop consumables, trousers , footwear , hand protection , head protection , fall arrest systems , eye protection.

All non-essential areas of our business will be closed until further notice.

This includes :

  • Production Dept. – print/embroidery – we can supply plain products
  • Printing services
  • Signage production
  • Graphic Design services
  • Trade counterBHI COVID19 Statement April 2020 - Buying PPE

Deliveries will also be dispatched on an adjusted basis via DPD couriers, not our own transport vehicles.
Delivery charges may be applicable.

We very much hope normal service will resume in the not too distant future, however until then please stay safe and help our country move on from this unfortunate situation.



BHI Supplies Ltd

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Dealing with the Coronavirus (2019-nCOV) with face masks

Protect against the coronavirus

Every major outlet is reporting on the developing “outbreak” of the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak emanating from Wuhan, China.

The question is, what can be done in the UK?

As of the time of writing of this post, there are no known coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases in the UK.
But the Chief Medical Officer does anticipate the virus to arrive here and is operating on precaution.
With cases being reported within Europe, it’s a case of managing and mitigating exposure to the virus.

Do face masks protect against the coronavirus?

The opinion at the time of writing is yes and no, so we will try and clarify the position.
The “right” protective masks can help prevent infection and contain the spread of those who have been exposed to the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Do surgical face masks work?

The expert consensus is not really.
Surgical style masks offer a minimal amount of protection and are not advised to be worn as a preventative measure in this instance.

What protective masks are advised for use in the UK?

Speaking with mask manufacturers here in the United Kingdom, their recommendation is to use FFP3 masks for those already infected or suspected of being infected, with (2019-nCoV) coronavirus.
They recommend FFP2 face masks to be used for preventive protection.

What are FFP3 protective masks?

FFP3 face masks protect against higher levels of dust and contaminates in working environments, offering higher levels of protection than FFP2 masks.
FFP3 masks also protect the wearer against solid and liquid aerosols in the air.
These masks are used in hazardous working environments dealing with powders and particles in the air and can be classified as pharmaceutical grade.

These masks are advised to contain the virus if the wearer has been diagnosed or suspected of being exposed to the virus.FFP3 Masks are sold Out - Call BHI for more details

What face masks can be used for general protection against coronavirus?

The UK face protection manufacturers are recommending FFP2 protective masks to be used as a precaution for people concerned about contracting the coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

FFP2 Masks are sold Out - Call BHI for more detailsWhat are FFP2 protective masks?

FFP2 protective masks are designed to offer a moderate level of protection against dust particles in working environments.
They offer a moderate level of protection against airborne aerosols, both solid and liquid.
The FFP2 masks can be used for plastering and sanding jobs.

These masks offer much more protection than the typical surgical style masks you may have seen some people wearing here and in the Far East.

Where can I buy the FFP3 & FFP2 protective masks?

You can source them in many locations in the UK with a quick search online.

As of the time of writing, BHI Supplies Ltd has stock of FFP3 & FFP2 face masks.
Please be aware that there is a risk demand will outstrip supply as the situation develops and cases are confirmed in significant numbers.

If you feel you need protection now, we recommend calling our offices on 01709 527 603, or email with your specific requirements.
We will deal with each case as swiftly as we can.

It should be clarified here that respirator masks cannot completely rule out the risk of contracting this particular coronavirus, but they can reduce the risk of infection considerably.

Are these masks easy to wear?

BHI would recommend face fitting training to ensure the correct use and adjustments are made for each wearer.
This is applicable for any business or organisation looking to buy the FFP3 or FFP2 masks in bulk.

It should also be noted that beards, facial hair or facial abnormalities may inhibit the protective masks from functioning correctly.

Protect against the coronavirusWhat should you do if you suspect you have been exposed to the coronavirus?

If there is real concern, medical advice should be sought.

The government will announce updates and the latest information can be found here:

The Chief Medical Officer in the UK will also announce updates regularly.

This situation is evolving and there is a tendency for panic, so it would serve people well to be vigilant but not overreact.

Prevention is better than the cure.

When using public areas, standard hygiene practices should be observed and actioned.
Wash hands thoroughly, and wherever possible use alcohol hand sanitisers.

BHI can provide hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial sprays, coveralls, and face/eye protection.
We can also provide more industrial respiratory face masks and protective PPE.

At this stage, it may be worthwhile having the preventative equipment in situ.
It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Call us today on 01709 527 603 to discuss the options to prevent the coronavirus impacting your business, and indeed your lives.

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Coronavirus – UK Feb 2020 Protect & Prevent

Think Outside the Box

The big news in the #UK this week is the developing #coronavirus outbreak.
With confirmed cases, some under scrutiny, people are actively looking for protective products.
Stocks of face masks have all but been depleted in the UK, with lead times ranging from 3 – 6 weeks.
BHI has been inundated, as have all manufacturers, with requests for thousands of the FFP2 & FFP3 masks, as a consequence.Protect against the coronavirus

But is this what people need right now to fight coronavirus?

It can’t hurt, but with limited stocks, they need to look at other preventative measures that may be more effective if managed correctly.

So what can people do at this time?

As demand outstrips supply for face masks, expect to see price gouging in the coming days/weeks,
If you want to pay over the odds that is your choice.
The question is, are face masks the be all and end all in the fight against infection of coronavirus?

The short answer is no.

Face masks will help to mitigate some of the risks but are not 100% effective.
Most of the suppliers selling face masks will not be offering face fitting as the correct procedure.
This is critical, as even having a little stubble can negate any protective performance of the face masks.

If I can’t get a face mask, what else can I do?

Masks are not the main issue facing the UK public, the main challenge is basic and advanced hygiene.
While the clamour for masks is rife, we are not seeing the same demand for anti-bacterial hand cleaner or surface cleaners.
Right now, these are arguably a more important preventative measure.Tyvek Disposable Coveralls - BHI

What can people do to help combat coronavirus infection?

While the coronavirus outbreak is being evaluated, the basic understanding that transfer by mucous membrane is still considered as the main method to acquire a virus.
The nose, mouth, and eyes are the most susceptible areas, which is why the best advice is to wash hands thoroughly after being in public spaces.
Don’t touch mucous membrane areas unless necessary, carry tissues, cover your mouth and nose, when coughing or sneezing.
To ensure transfer is minimised, companies should fully clean public surfaces with the correct chemicals and products.

What can businesses do, other than sourcing face masks?

During this heightened period, businesses in the UK need to act and source the right PPE, chemicals, and janitorial products to mount an effective preventative strategy.
Face masks have captured the headlines, but they are only one component in the battle against this coronavirus.

Right now, it may be advantageous looking at protective safety glasses, Tyvek (disposable) coveralls, medical grade hand sanitisers, antibacterial surface cleaners, antibacterial wipes, medical grade hand cleaners (soaps), hand towels, and paper products.
Electrical hand dryers can actually contribute to the proliferation of airborne pathogens.Janitorial Products by BHI

BHI provides all-round protection and prevention.

BHI can provide these products and more to help your company prevent localised outbreaks, or to prevent outbreaks from outside sources.
We are in continual contact with FFP2 & FFP3 face mask manufacturers about new stocks, but as you can imagine, everyone is vying for these.
Hence the potential for price gouging.
With the world looking to purchase face masks, we are in a very long queue.
We must look to other methods to help our clients operate during this testing period.

BHI can work with your Health & Safety officer to provide the products required to help reduce the risks.
It sounds obvious but making sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly, will be a great help.
If you have been exposed, stay indoors and seek advice via phone, rather than potentially infect others at the doctors or A&E.

Call BHI today, to discuss other preventative methods to help you mitigate and manage the situation – 01709 527 603

Make this moment count.

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BHI Working Smarter

BHI Call US - Branded PPE & Workwear

Why are some suppliers seemingly impervious to the phrase “work smarter, not harder”?
Not just PPE and workwear ones, but across the board.

It’s a question of time.

What is people’s time worth?
What is their lost time worth?
What impact does this have?

BHI - Working smarter

BHI will help save you time when you buy our PPE and workwear

Would it surprise you to read that in the UK, upper management can spend up to 50% of their time in meetings?
Or that middle management can spend up to 35% of their time in meetings?

How many of these meetings are avoidable?

We can characterise it this way, if buying PPE & workwear was 15% -20% of a person’s job role, is the execution still in proportion?

In other words, when the buyer orders the PPE, does it take a disproportionate amount of time, energy, and resources to complete the handling?

If the answer is yes, it must, therefore, lead to the question of why?

Is it chaotic?
Are there lots of mistakes, missing items, stress, and leftover products?

Does this type of situation require meetings and calls to resolve?
What is that time worth to you?

Do additional people need to be drafted in to help handle the chaos?
What does that cost?

What impact does this have on the workforce’s productivity?

Is there a better way to manage this type of situation?


BHI have a solution to save you time and give you back control

This statement may sound counter-intuitive, but when your company buys PPE & workwear, it is not paying for PPE & workwear.

Let me explain, PPE & workwear are elements a business requires to operate and thus make a profit.
The products are essential, but they are just a tool.
Streamlining that aspect should be considered a priority so you can get back to normal functions.

Some people think the objective of buying products is about paying less for the same products.
The rationale is, the company saves money when it spends less on products.

This is correct if we look narrowly and specifically, at this situation.

However, if we introduce other factors, we can see this position may be flawed.
If the prices are right, but the service and support are poor, how beneficial are those perceived savings?

Can the position of trying to pay less for PPE be considered viable, if the expected savings are dwarfed by additional costs incurred?

No, absolutely not.

Let’s revisit my earlier statement: When you buy PPE & workwear, you are not paying for PPE & workwear.

So, what are you paying for?

To mitigate and reduce the incurring of additional avoidable costs.
In short, you’re paying for time.

Buying that time back may improve the capacity to operate more effectively and efficiently.
It removes an expensive foreseeable opportunity cost.

BHI - What is your time worth?

Are you happy with your current PPE & Workwear supplier?

Now we need to assess the value of a supplier.

Think of your current PPE & workwear supplier.

How do you evaluate their worth to your company?

Do they help you operate more effectively?
Do they help you make more money?
Do they save you time?
Do they deliver greater cost savings?

Or do they create problems?
If yes, how much time do you spend trying to fix the problems they create?
What does that cost your business?

Another critical part is the assessment of your role in this process.
Do you buy predominately on price?
If you do, are you open to changing that approach?
Would you pay a little more money to receive a lot more in terms of savings and performance?
Do you experience frustrations?
What impact does that have on your business?

Price is an important factor, but it’s not the only factor.
BHI can provide more useful data to enable our clients to make more informed choices, leading to better buying decisions.
Ours is a value-driven approach, backed up with provable data.

Would you like to know more?

Call 01709 527 603 or fill in the contact form below and we’ll call you right back.

Sign up to become a BHI client

BHI will help you buy the right products at the best prices for optimal value.

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BHI – More Than You May Think

BHI Site - Sparks PPE image

BHI can help you make better buying decisions for your business

The idea of a “one-stop-shop” isn’t a new one it’s as old as business itself.
Local shops used to stock all types of products required by their clients.
In the past, you could pop in and buy string, a shovel and maybe some sweets.

Everything changes over time, some things advance, and some don’t.

Okay you say, thanks for the history lesson, what has this got to do with BHI?

We’ve received some interesting feedback from our clients regarding our performance.
It seems some clients have an awareness gap concerning what else we can provide for them.

Call us on 01709 527 603 to discover more.

They know we provide PPE and workwear because they order from us regularly.
However, it seems that while they may order some Hi Vis jackets and vests, they may not know we provide other safety products like footwear.

Or, that we have an online ordering portal that rapidly removes frustrations with a few clicks.

Call BHI for your PPE and workwear solution

Does your PPE supplier work for, or against you?

The concept of being a provider, that can serve a lot of requests, should be better known amongst our clients.
That is an issue for any company as it makes little sense to work against oneself or the client.
We will try to resolve this by creating more informative content.
You can read about the difference between a provider and a supplier here.

It’s the boots on the ground that will make the difference.

So, the headline for clarity:

BHI can provide pain relief to a lot of the frustrations concerning PPE and workwear

We can provide:
Safety Equipment
Road safety products
Fabricated products
Paper Products
The list goes on.

In a nutshell, BHI has built a reputation based upon sourcing products seldom requested from PPE suppliers.
You can read more about pain points here.

Our sales team will do their best to find out what is specifically required.
The aim is to find the products that work.

From a client’s perspective, the ability to deal with fewer providers must be a good thing.
In the past, some buyers believed using multiple suppliers would secure the best prices.
They would attempt to play each supplier off the other in an attempt to drive the price down.

PPE Pain Point Solutions w BHI

Is this the best strategy to deliver value?

Perhaps in the short term, however, this is not a sustainable strategy.
If a supplier states something different, they are either misrepresenting the facts or are wildly short-sighted.

At some point, a job stops being economically viable.
That’s not directly the client’s problem.
However, it can be indirectly.

Today, there is an increasing number of people looking for a more efficient way to alleviate their frustrations.

The challenge for BHI is to present that capability to clients both new, and old.

We will ensure we produce more content relating to our solutions. In exchange, if you are a client or a prospective client, tell us what you need.
We will do our best to facilitate the requests.

It’s not just about PPE and workwear, this is about providing something more beneficial.

BHI Sales Team.

Call 01709 527 603 to discover more about BHI and the solutions we provide.

Signup to become a client today

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Why BHI’s Website is Different

BHI - Makeit Count by doing something great

BHI think differently about service and solutions

As a buyer of PPE, workwear, corporate clothing or even signage you will no doubt be familiar with a lot of suppliers’ websites all with 20,000 plus products listed.

Every company does it so it must be right, right?

Well, no!

The main issue with having every single PPE product added to a website is the sheer number of options to choose from, with very little useful guidance or help to make this a streamlined easy process.

Think about any PPE or workwear supplier with a huge e-commerce website.
Pick a product, let’s say polo shirts, you will find there is a huge array of polos to choose from.
On some websites there can as much as 180 of those products available, that’s an insane number to try and whittle down.

Is this ideal?
Is this in the buyer’s best interest?
How does a buyer know what product works best for their requirements?
How long do they spend trying to narrow the choices down?
Do they use price as the main evaluation tool?
Does price dictate or reflect performance, durability, and longevity?
Does the low or high prices equate to value and performance?

We’re not just talking about polo shirts, this process applies to jackets, trousers, work boots, T-shirts, corporate clothing, workwear garments pretty much any product a PPE buyer may look to buy for a workforce.

Most PPE and workwear e-commerce sites are little more than online catalogues displaying what they can potentially supply.
But because these types of sites are so ubiquitous it may be considered that this is the best way to build large e-commerce sites.
However, with 30,000+ potential products to add, is this really the best way to help customers or potential customers?

This is an extreme example as in most cases the choices are usually narrowed down to a few by way of experience and knowing what they are looking for because of a brand or product awareness.

However, this isn’t always the best way to proceed either.
Let’s stick with the polo shirt option, a company buys a particular polo shirt because they always have or someone in that company stated that is the preferred product because of recommendation or assessment.

Is that still the best product for their requirements?

BHI Call US - Branded PPE & Workwear


How do they know what the best PPE products are?

What if there is a new product that is more cost-effective without compromising performance?
How do they find that out and prove it to be the case for their business?
What if several products are better suited to their operational requirements? How do they find this information out from an e-commerce site with 30,000 products?
Price? Description? Brand equity? Reviews?

This is typically the point where people want to call and speak to someone who can help navigate the choices and alleviate the frustrations.

When we buy, we want to feel confident that we are making the right choices because whether this is conscious or not, buyers’ remorse can creep into our thoughts after we act.
That feeling of buying something which you later find out is not the best choice is a fear most of us carry.
This can be amplified many times when it’s for a business with larger workforces.

Taking this into consideration, what is the best way a client or customer can feel assured that they have made the right decisions for them and their business?

In other words, what is the best way to remove or mitigate the risk of mistakes being made and the buyer bearing the brunt of the fallout from their superiors?

Enter BHI.

Let’s clarify several things first so we can frame this correctly.
Some people think buying is about trying to pay less for the same, same products or services.

Suppliers will tend to sell their clients what PPE products they think the client wants.

These two elements work against one another, if the buyer is trying to pay less for the workwear product and the supplier is trying to make a sale on that same product, the only issue being looked at is the price.
This is the wrong consideration and it can lead to false economies, poor performance, poor service and frustrations which is a cycle that repeats unless identified and broken.

Rather than focus on trying to pay less for the same workwear, why not focus on sourcing the right products for the requirements at the best prices to deliver optimal value?

This is why BHI is different from other PPE and workwear suppliers.
We do sell protective equipment, work clothing, and safety products, yes, but we focus more on the support and service for our clients.

This means we look to solve potential problems and alleviate frustrations often encountered by customers dealing with some suppliers.

One reason we don’t have a large e-commerce site is that it actually can work against the customer objectives.
We want to encourage people to call BHI, not because we are old hat but because we are well aware of the problems they can face with paralysis by analysis.
Clients tend to have situations that need continued solutions, and we can provide that once we know what the situations are.
How can a website do that?

We don’t have sentient A.I that learns just yet, so in the meantime, we need to be practical about providing solutions.

With the world fighting to get everything online or on the cloud, the personal touch can be sacrificed.
We’re not decrying the online advancements, far from it, what we are doing is qualifying the necessity of the human touch to help navigate the buying process.
Nobody wants to be stuck with products that are not fit for purpose because some website description was ambiguous.

The objective from the buyer’s point of view is to solve a problem, to alleviate the stress and frustrations they may face.
They want to ensure they buy the right products without having their pants pulled down in the process and they want assurances that their order is being handled professionally.

This is why BHI goes a lot further than just selling PPE, we want to sell confidence and provide peace of mind.

Buy the right PPE and workwear with confidence from BHI

We want people to call us to discuss what they need, so we can provide the support to deliver value, confidence, and peace of mind.

That cannot be provided by looking over online catalogues then calling into a supplier to speak with someone who doesn’t know one polo shirt from another and how they will perform in a job they have no understanding of.

Sound familiar?
I bet you have a long list of suppliers that do this, so do we.
That’s why we’re different.

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated with your current supplier call BHI on 01709 527603
Let us show you the difference we can make.

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BHI – Make It Count

BHI Site - Contact BHI Branding

Quick question, how do your clients perceive your brand?
Is it the perception you want, or would you like to change it?

What can you do about it?

BHI’s tagline is “You get one chance to make a good first impression, make it count”.
It’s more than just a tagline, it’s a philosophy and as such, it runs a little deeper.
You could be forgiven for thinking we are talking about BHI’s first impression to our clients.

It is, however, the philosophy is more layered than it may first appear.
It’s not just about BHI’s first impressions, it’s about our client’s first impressions to their customers and how you can make them really count.

Buy the right branded PPE and workwear to promote your business

Let me explain.

It can be argued that brand perception is a huge part of building trust in a client’s mind and therefore impact buying decisions.
It could also be argued that people buy emotionally then justify intellectually, typically after the fact. This is why we can sometimes buy on impulse then convince ourselves we needed product X when the sensible part of our brains begin to question the purchase.

Brand perception is a delicate yet potent concoction that can take years to cultivate and nurture but, it can be destroyed in seconds.
No doubt your business brand strategist and marketing department will guide this perception on specific platforms where your target demographics dwell.

Is this enough?

What if there was a disconnect between the way you promote your brand and the way your clients or potential clients perceive your message and values?

That would be potentially damaging right?

BHI - Makeit Count by doing something great

One area which can be overlooked in terms of perception is the front-line workers.
The ladies and gentlemen working in the field performing the various USP’s your company and brand provides.
If they don’t “look the part” or portray the right message your company is promoting, what impact does this have on overall brand perception?
The impact could be as simple as “that company doesn’t look after those workers” or “if that’s how they treat their staff how do they treat their customers?”

It sounds tenuous, right?
What possible impact can these people have on brand perception when you are spending tens of thousands of pounds on TV spots and PPC ads?

The impact can be greater than anticipated and it’s one of those elements which is difficult to quantify because it’s emotive, a gut feeling, an unconscious barely perceptible thought.

It’s trust.
Trust factors are everywhere.

Do people trust your brand?

Look for yourself next time you walk past a working environment, transport operation, railworks or construction site.
What are your perceptions of the staff?
Do they represent the company they are working for in a positive or negative light?
How does that make you feel about the company at large?
Do you think the company is conscious of its brand perception?

If you walked into a restaurant and the serving staff looked shoddy or caked in food material what perception does that conjure?

Would this build trust?

Think Outside the Box

What has this got to do with BHI?

This is where we get to our little piece of the puzzle fits in.
As a PPE and workwear provider, we can work with your branding and marketing departments to sync up the above the line branding with the “boots on the ground” operations of your business.

As detailed above there can be a disconnect between how companies want to be perceived and how they are actually perceived by clients and potential clients.
We can help avoid compromising these trust factors and for a lot less than you may initially think.

First, let’s clarify why we call ourselves a provider as opposed to a supplier.
Suppliers will sell their clients what they think the client wants.
A provider will source their client what products they need to deliver optimal value.

Value is critical here as it incorporates more than just a “good price”.
Price, as you may know, is not the cost and it rarely dictates the value of a purchase.

BHI seeks to provide our clients with the right products for their requirements at the best prices to deliver optimal value.

What we provide is a way to help your operations manage the PPE, workwear and safety equipment when being used in often abrasive environments.

Think about the autumn and winter months and how much dirt and grime cover the products.
Think about how the worker feels when they are wearing the same jacket or over trousers day after day.
Dirt, mud, and grime on the outside and sweat and bacteria on the inside.

These situations will have an impact on productivity and morale which can impact the way clients and potential clients perceive your company.

Let’s be clear the responsibility of the way brands are perceived is entirely theirs however they could do with a little support to mitigate avoidable elements.

Working with BHI will allow you to discuss the wider-ranging elements which may positively or negatively impact your brand perception.

It becomes a question of picking the right products, for your specific requirements, at the best prices to deliver optimal value.

BHI can provide more useful information regarding products to help our clients to make more informed choices to protect their workers and their brand.

This should promote Better Buying Decisions because we can deliver more value and more cost-effective solutions over a given period.
Work with us to ensure you buy the best PPE and workwear for your needs.

Quoting for PPE & workwear brands

Remember our tagline?

You get one chance to make a good first impression, make it count.

BHI wants you to make a great first impression to your customers and really make it count.

Call us to discuss how we can help you achieve that 01709 527 603

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Should you listen to your workforce about PPE and Workwear?

BHI Site - Neat Clothing Image

When buying PPE and Workwear do you consult your staff?

It’s an age-old philosophy but listening to your workforce is a critical factor in evaluating efficiencies, productivity and development.
It can be a compounding issues which has wider implications across your business and reputation.
With a little consideration it can be advantageous to explore yielding benefits greater than any perceived “savings” by focusing just on price.

I’m not just talking about PPE, workwear and clothing related aspects either, your workforce are on the front line, the coal face and while it can be a double-edged sword giving your staff a platform, not listening to your people is potentially a greater risk.


Learn from other company’s mistakes

Michael Marks, the founder of Marks & Spencer, began every Saturday asking the shop girls, in the Briggate store in Leeds, about what clothing products were selling and more importantly which ones were not.

He used this information, along with reports his executives and managers provided, to shape M&S’s strategic policies for decades.
This was one of the critical pillars that fostered the monumental success of M&S.
Marks applied real world data (staff and customer feedback) to green light or dismiss proposals, clothing lines, and new products introductions.

Marks knew what would and wouldn’t work based upon what his shop staff had told him over the years.
He trusted his staff and workers to help him deliver more value and quality to his customers resulting in the rapid growth and trust in the St Michael brand.
These people were his eyes and ears.

The cracks began to appear when his successors stopped listening to the shop staff focusing on data streams and projections.
It could be argued M&S started telling the customers what they should want rather listening to what they actually desired.
That policy, albeit not a quick action, was almost fatal.

We all know what happened in 1999 and the cherry on the cake was the “I’m normal” ad campaign, although there is an argument it was 20 years ahead of its time.

My point is: Every company must listen to the workforce as to what works and what doesn’t.

Not just about PPE and workwear it goes beyond that, it can be subtle and even nuanced which is why some people can make the mistake thinking it’s an “either or” position.

It can be perceived as a double-edged sword due to the potential reversal of hierarchy however you won’t be giving them direction of the company you will merely be taking a temperature, a pulse which will allow you to use that information to your advantage.

It’s not a question of throwing out the baby with the bath water or making buying choices a binary proposition.
Staff’s feedback should be considered an element to be used along with others for a broader evaluation that benefits your company and not just in the short term.

Buy the right PPE and Workwear products that deliver the best value

Some people think buying/purchasing is paying less, or avoiding paying more, for the same – same products and same services.
This is a race to the bottom and it’s not sustainable for either the client or supplier and any benefit would be ephemeral.

Hidden costs are the most expensive and they hide behind false economies.
A PPE or workwear product may look the “best” option on paper but in practice it could cost you more than an alternative.

Buying, purchasing and procurement should not be about chasing prices down, It should be about buying the best products for the requirements at the best prices to deliver the greatest value.

Value is the objective.

Ian Pallas and Sam Kirk know the value in listening to their staff and as a result Rope Access Trade Solutions rope has grown into an international operation within 3 years.

You can make better buying decisions by calling BHI – 01709 527603

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Why Call BHI?

BHI - Taking call Image

One of the first things you may find when visiting is the “apparent lack” of product choice.
This is a deliberate decision however this is a stage in our development with the new “ecommerce” store coming online within the coming weeks.

The idea is designed to make things easier for our clients and deliver greater value as an overall experience.
Removing potential impediments then tailoring products and service to their specific needs as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach undertaken by some workwear & PPE suppliers.

How do BHI deliver more value?

You may have heard of the phrase “paralysis by analysis” or “there is too much choice to choose from”.
If you look around the web at workwear, PPE and clothing suppliers, all their websites have a similar format and structure – that of an online catalogue with every safety product or garment displayed with very little (if any) information to help guide your choices.

Is this really the best way to operate for supplier or customer?
Does this site structure make their clients lives easier?
No, far from it!

How do you, the customer, evaluate the value of each product?
Most workwear and PPE sites display prices for you to use as an assessment “tool” for your potential choices.
Even with products features listed your ability to select the best products at the best prices is not so clear when shopping online.

Is there a better way to speed things up without compromising the performance, the cost, the benefit or the overall value for each client?

Call BHI, we can ensure the best value for all your PPE and Workwear requirements

Think to when you last looked at other workwear clothing suppliers, all you had to evaluate your choices was the brand name (if you were familiar with it) or the “cost” per unit.
That’s it!
Nothing to help you make a more informed choice or to help you make better buying decisions over a prolonged period of time.

This is not the best way to build trust or offer value to prospective clients.

You may have initially looked the BHI site and wondered where that “familiar” structure was.
But as clarified above this is not always the best way to buy from a client’s perspective which is why BHI encourage our clients to call us.
We have the knowledge and capabilities to save you time and money.

We know it’s not just about price, but it is always about value.

Have you ever bought anything in your life where price quantifies the value of something?

Does paying the cheapest prices deliver high levels of value?
Does paying the highest prices guarantee the best value or performance?

The answer to both is a resounding no unless in exceptional circumstances which can’t be considered repeatable or the norm.

Price is not guide to value, but it is a useful component to help evaluate your choices.
The main issue is; buyers, purchasers and even procurement departments look at price as the only element required to qualify, before selecting the products or service.

This is where BHI are different and we don’t mean different as some watered-down differentiating tactic to bamboozle our clients, we actually mean we do things differently from our competition.

We know that price is important, but it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to choosing the best product or service for the requirements at hand.
BHI consider more components which can make the difference to our clients and their respective “bean counters.”

It could be argued that there are more important elements to consider alongside the price tag to give a more balanced and thorough evaluation.

For example, if we looked at two work boots under consideration, one at £9.00 and one at £25.00, which one is the more expensive?
If we looked purely at the price it’s an easy answer, the £25.00 pair is the more expensive.
However, if we now introduce other data to evaluate the true value of the work boots such as durability or the amount of replacements ordered in a financial year, we can evaluate the folly of selecting products purely on price.

Let’s say, in this example, that you will replace the £9.00 pair of boots four times over the financial year and you will replace the £25.00 boots zero times over a financial year – now which is the more expensive boot?

The above is based upon a real-world example of false economies not just within our industry but across all industries.
You may know it as “buy cheap buy twice” or “you get what you pay for”

This is what makes BHI different.
We aren’t a typical workwear/PPE supplier we are a provider because we provide more information and more value to you so you can make more informed choices.
BHI promote better buying decisions for our clients based upon more data and more real-world examples that assist us in delivering better performance.

So, why call BHI?

Is it useful to spend valuable minutes or even hours looking through hundreds of products in a catalogue?
No, especially when you can tap into a knowledge base (for free) to narrow down the choices to a simple, easy to digest selection based upon your specific requirements.

We know that you have other tasks to perform during your working day which is why we offer to do the leg work for you, to free up that precious time so you can concentrate on the other elements of your day.

Why “waste” that time looking over 150 polo shirts or 50 jackets when all you need to do is call BHI and discuss what you need?

You can then get back to your other work with confidence that we will respond to you in short order with the most appropriate choices for your requirements in a simple Good, Better, Best format.

Now, the question I would pose here is:
Does your current supplier do that for you?

If yes, then congratulations you have a supplier who is working for your best interests.

If no, then it may be time to look at an alternative workwear/PPE “supplier” who will provide you with more.

To clarify your best interests are linked to our best interests.
Our objective is to give our clients the greatest level of value to secure repeat business over multiple years.
Not to secure the next sale at any cost like some.

This is the disclosure part, so you know what our thinking is:
We know that as your business grows, ours will grow based upon repeat business.
This is only possible if your company is acquiring the products and services at a beneficial rate.

It makes little sense to work with clients in the short term as neither benefit from the relationship.
It can become a musical chairs approach which is counter intuitive to fruitful business relationships.

TLDR: Don’t waste time looking through products – Call us and save time and money.

Avoid the mistakes of chasing false economies – Call BHI

01709 527603

You can read more about choosing the best workwear for your needs here.
If you need a little more assistance in selecting the best PPE for your business you can read more here.

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Putting your best foot forward: choosing safety footwear for your business

Firefighters PPE - BHI

Thinking about clothing your team from the ground upwards, but unsure what kind of safety footwear is most relevant to your team? From forestry to chemical industries, railway networks to hospitality, safety footwear will almost always be part of the required personal protective equipment for your team. So where should you begin when it comes to choosing the most durable safety footwear for your team, and how can it benefit your business’s productivity in the long run?


Why does my team need safety footwear?

Let’s start with the most obvious and important reason you ought to consider bringing in safety footwear for your team; durable shoes or boots designed with your industry’s needs in mind will keep your team from harm. There are many other ways safety footwear can improve your working day, too. Equipping your team with the footwear they need to get the job done ensures your team know how much you support them. If you supply your workers with quality safety footwear, they’ll be far more likely to feel safe, secure and happy to get moving with the project you’re working on. This will help make sure your whole team is as productive as possible. Additionally, safety footwear helps maintain your team’s productivity from an individual perspective. As the technology behind protective workwear has evolved, safety footwear has developed to ensure the individual wearing it feels comfortable and supported. Features like lightweight material, ankle support and cushioned insoles are all innovations designed to protect your team, increasing their stamina and helping them to achieve results sooner, all while making their working life easier.


How do I know if my team requires safety footwear?

Whatever industry you’re part of, and the stomping ground you’re working in, there’s a very high chance your team will be on their feet a lot. This means that having the utmost certainty in your safety footwear is not only crucial for keeping your team’s feet protected, but will help them have a much more comfortable working day, as well as a more productive one, too.

Health and safety regulations state that when it comes to personal protective equipment, employers should provide any equipment that reduces the risk of the environment their team is working within. When it comes to safety footwear, that means protecting your team against danger from falling or rolling objects, hazards or chemicals on the floor, electrical currents or hazards, or even simply a slippy surface. Ultimately, choosing safety footwear that protects your team’s feet from the dangers they’re up against each day is down to an industry-specific choice of the safety footwear that will suit your team’s working environment.


What type of safety footwear is most suitable for my team?

First things first, having an understanding of the types of safety footwear your team need to get the job done will make sure your protective shoes and boots tick all the boxes they need to. The kind of safety footwear that works best for your team will depend on the environment you’re working in. From boots to shoes, rubber to leather, steel toe caps to metatarsal protection, there are multiple types of safety footwear on the market that can fit your industry-specific needs. Let’s say you’re a researcher working in a chemical lab – your boots need to protect your employees’ feet from chemical spills, and so should be made from rubber or polymers that are hard wearing enough to withstand potentially dangerous materials. Alternatively, if your team works on construction sites, you might want to consider safety footwear that’s more durable over a longer period of time, protecting them from the range of hazards they might come into contact with. Using your risk assessment as a starting point will ensure your team is covered from a health and safety perspective; from there, you’re free to incorporate the features and styles your team would most appreciate, meaning they’ll keep making the most of your investment, no matter how many projects they work on.

How can I make sure my team has the best possible safety footwear for my budget?

Finally, once you’ve got your team’s safety footwear in place, understanding how to maintain it will keep your team in good shape for the months and years to come. Safety footwear works best when it’s at its most durable, so making an investment with long lasting materials will help make sure you get the best value footwear for your budget. Choosing a material that’s been constructed with longevity in mind is the best way of ensuring you can rely on your safety footwear to help you get the job done; maintaining your shoes and boots with regular cleaning and care will see you through for even longer.

We know how important protecting your team with the perfect personal protective equipment is. Here at BHI, we’ll present you with the most durable safety footwear and workwear options for your budget, no matter what your industry-specific priorities are. Give us a call on 01709 527 603 to make your working day more productive.