Industry Pain Points


As the name suggests this is the point in business at which certain operations and situations are becoming painful to deal with as well as potentially impacting progress of the business. To keep things as simple as we can there are 4 main categories of Pain Points:


However these can be expanded and or refined.
Another consideration is that companies can experience multiple painful elements at the same time which can be linked or independent.

The typical reaction can be that of frustration and total dismay however it’s important to keep an open mind with pain points as these situations can actually yield valuable opportunities and solutions.
It would be considered wise to seek out businesses who can provide you with more than just a price list, who are experienced and have the knowledge to help alleviate your pain points.
Keep in mind it’s not always about the Price but you may find a great deal of the time it is always about Value.
You will need to evaluate the best options available to you in short order as some options will be no more than quick fixes and offer diminishing returns which could cost you much more than you may be willing to risk.

Working with a partner, a provider can ensure your pain points are fully understood and taken into consideration to provide a more sustainable solution to any painful impediments.
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This is directly linked to the cost of operations or purchasing products to conduct your business. It should be noted the price is not the cost and buying the cheapest product seldom delvers the value you will actually require. This may need evidence but looking at other options that may appear to be more expensive could actually save you money over the financial year or even beyond. We know it's not just about price, but it is always about Value If we look at a hypothetical example of work boots, you can buy a £9.00 pair or a £25.00 pair, which do you opt for? Most people would say the £9.00 based upon the price however as price is no guide to performance, we need to look a little deeper. The “cheap” pair are just that, cheap, they are compliant but for a variety of reasons they don’t last very long and need replacing every 3 months. The “expensive” pair are constructed with better materials and last a year in the same conditions.
This pain point covers Efficiency, Lost Time, Expectation Management, Turnaround Times and value. Productivity can be affected by outside sources, so it is imperative these elements are handled ahead of time. Working with a partner in relation to alleviating your pain points is critical as a drop in productivity is not just annoying it can have a detrimental effect across the whole business. If we consider PPE and workwear these elements can be essential to many businesses and if there are delays in turnaround times, a mis-management of expectations as to when they are to be delivered, supply issues or mistakes in the order it can have a huge impact on preparations and functionality.  Working with a provider who can potentially see these pain points before they actually manifest themselves is a valuable asset to have at your disposal whether it is acknowledged or not. The main cost you should consider is the cost of lost time. A buyer’s lost time, a production floors lost time, delays in your operation, penalties incurred etc these all have a knock-on effect and cost companies tens of thousands of pounds in ancillary costs, hidden costs or direct costs of impact. A provider should be able to highlight the specifics that aid the management of their components to ensure your productivity is not affected. A little forward thinking can save your business thousands of pounds

A Pain point which covers efficiency, turnaround times, services and potential solutions. Every company has their own internal process to maximise their operations and so it is more than just a pain when a “supplier” or outside contractor causes disruption to the well-oiled machine. Working with a provider in “partnership” should be considered an asset as that provider should fit in with your operations not the other way around. This is where the more astute and experienced provider can see the gaps in which they can integrate into the way your business functions so to not disrupt, allowing your business to function as expected. A provider should add value and be a force multiplier working to develop solutions or apply existing solutions to your operations.

An example would be the ManPacking service BHI provide – This not only saves time for the company it adds real value to the way PPE, Workwear and other consumables are ordered and managed It improves productivity, works with existing Processes, allows for trends to be identified, enables cost centres to evaluate spend and to accurately forecast expenditure streamlining future orders.BHI have developed this along with our Portal to enhance essential processes for many clients including the UK’s Number One Retailer.


This Pain Point covers: Service, Price, Value, True Cost, Efficiency, Ordering, Problem Solving, Branding and Perception A good provider will offer support throughout the whole relationship and any developments which could add value, improve productivity, offer greater economies and make your life “easier”, should be discussed and presented to you for evaluation. As discussed earlier price is not a guide to quality or performance however if it was discovered there was a better product that would be more suited to the applications at a lower price point would you wish to know? Of course. This is what good providers support should promote – they can see buying patterns and coupled with product knowledge they should be able to analyse and present you with alternative options which could save you money or offer better performance. They can work closely with you to spot potential pain points and offer solutions – It’s up to you whether you wish to implement them or not.

Think of it this way – “it’s better to have the information and not need it than need it and not have it” A great provider knows their success is directly linked to their customers success, providing better support across their pain points and potential pain points makes good business sense and is mutually beneficial.

Recent Testimonials

I would recommend BHI supplies ltd to any business looking to benefit from top quality service. BHI go to great lengths to understand their customers’ demands and needs developing systems to enable them to deliver product when we need it.

Tom, Doorpac

I decided to give BHI a try as I prefer to use smaller, local suppliers where possible. Our account manager came out to see me and from that very first meeting I knew we could trust BHI to deliver. Their customer service is excellent and the goods they supply are of great quality and always competitively priced. I look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Claire, Caledonian Plastics
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