Who Are BHI

BHI were established in 1979 a stone’s throw away from major industry, steel works, engineering plants and huge production sites in South Yorkshire.
We have a "simple" aim of providing all industries with workwear, protective clothing (PPE) and consumables at great prices with real value for money.

Our position is to look for solutions and opportunities our clients face on a day to day basis.
It’s easy to be a hero when things are going well, but what defines great service is how things are handled if and when situations occur. With so many elements at play regarding PPE and workwear there are continual challenges from supply chain issues with manufacturers to third-party shipping to machinery breakdowns as well as unforeseen circumstances out of anybody’s control.

You may have experience of poor service, mistakes, delays, poor communication, no action taken etc from our competitors.
This will not be the case with BHI, our days don’t start at 9am and finish at 5pm, we don’t go home until a situation is rectified. BHI’s objective is to work more as a partner, a provider to your operation to allow for more cohesion, communication and smoother operating alleviate pain points you may face.


With Assurances that we can take care of any situations which may occur we can now concentrate on the benefits of working with us. BHI have a vast array of products and solutions which are designed to make our clients lives easier while delivering competitive pricing, value for money and tools to help with forecasting future spending with us. We never focus on the “next sale” because this short termism can often lead to conflict between what is best for a supplier’s bottom line and what is best for the client. The key indicator of good business is repeat business, and this can only be achieved if there is trust. We build relationships with our clients with solid foundations, performance, value and efficiency. We go the extra miles to ensure everything you require of us will be taken care of.


We live in a world where it seems every company is striving to leverage their future on being an online ecommerce service.This is the wave of the future however in the haste there has been a key critical element which has either been overlooked or perhaps undervalued – Human Interaction. “People buy people first and the product second” Buying online only works if you are familiar with a product, brand or service – if there is unfamiliarity there is always risk and this risk can be prohibitive. This is not just in the PPE and workwear industry, think about how you would buy a new fragrance. Would you spend £80 plus on a new scent you had not physically interacted with? Would women buy a new makeup product without testing it first?

Sometimes old solutions to new problems are more valuable.

If we look at the process of buying PPE, Workwear, Clothing and Safety Equipment for multiple staff – Would a  buyer feel comfortable just using price as the main influence on buying decisions? They could, but would it not be more beneficial to speak to someone who actually knows the products and perhaps  more importantly alternatives that could be more effective? BHI have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to advise and assist our clients when they are looking for products,  these are then presented in an easily digestible format reducing “browsing time” This interaction is designed to benefit the client, save them time, reduce mistakes and errors, allow them to ask questions and communicate specifically what they need. We then build up the potential product list for them and highlight the pros and cons to enable them to make more informed purchases. This builds trust and helps cement a relationship which develops over time.

Every subsequent order can be handled personally or through our Portal ordering platform, then delivered for easy handling through BHI’s ManPacking service. It’s our experience that the most expensive products are always the items that don’t do the job they were bought for. Would it make more sense to speak with someone who can help navigate pitfalls that may not be clearly visible? This process is the difference maker between what BHI can provide and what the others can’t.

Recent Testimonials

I would recommend BHI supplies ltd to any business looking to benefit from top quality service. BHI go to great lengths to understand their customers’ demands and needs developing systems to enable them to deliver product when we need it.

Tom, Doorpac

I decided to give BHI a try as I prefer to use smaller, local suppliers where possible. Our account manager came out to see me and from that very first meeting I knew we could trust BHI to deliver. Their customer service is excellent and the goods they supply are of great quality and always competitively priced. I look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Claire, Caledonian Plastics
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